About us



Hi my name is Jesse Pickett. My wife and I are the makers of everything you see on our page. We are located in the heart of the Smokey Mountains in Eastern TN. I had carried a traditional wallet all of my life. One day it hit me that half of what I carried I NEVER USED. I started thinking of a better way to carry the things I actually USED. I was able to eliminate the majority of the junk in my traditional wallet.

What I was left with were a couple of debit and credit cards, my driver’s license and a couple dollars of cash. With this in mind we set out to make a wallet that would carry these items safely and efficiently. Being a minimalist at heart, we wanted the design to be as simple as possible.

I sketched up a simple rectangle shape that would fit cards on one side and folded cash on the other. Then the question of how we would secure them to the wallet. We tried several materials and sizes. We finally settled on the current "bands" after about a month of testing. I posted one of the first prototypes to my Instagram account and the rest is history.  



Our mission is simple and goes a little like this. We want to make life long customers and build lifelong relationships. We call our customers our "NOMAD FAMILY”. This is not a quirky marketing strategy for us. We will treat you like a part of our family from day one. If you have 20 Nomad Wallets (and trust us some people have more than that) or if you buy one and never buy another. YOU are the reason WE are here, YOU are the motivation that pushes us to do more and be better.



If you ever have questions or concerns please contact us and let us help you

Jesse/Kirstin Pickett